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Partner Program

USVerify provides software as a service that allows both resellers and integrators the ability to brand and integrate our products and services into an existing platform or in a stand-alone environment that enables you to address your customers most pressing needs.

Download the Advance Parter application

Program Benefits

  • Dedicated Relationship Managers

    Accountability and accessibility are the keys to any successful business relationship. An Advance Parter representative will be your "go-to" person, responsible for answering all your questions and understanding the needs specific to your business.

  • Technical Customer Support

    Participants of the Advance Partner Program are entitled to 24-hour service from our dedicated technical support staff.

  • Joint Business Planning

    To ensure the success of our relationship, we will develop a specific and unique plan of action that takes into account our mutual business goals.

  • Product Release Awareness

    As an Advance Partner, you'll be the first to know about any new products or upgrades. Your relationship manager will ensure that you are aware of any new developments and understand how they may benefit you.

  • Performance-based Pricing

    We want you to get the most out of your relationship with us. We offer a variety of performance-based pricing programs and are committed to maximizing your investment.

Eligible Partners

USVerify can empower your business growth and profitability by providing proven HR solutions for Fortune 1000 and non-Fortune 1000 organizations.

Partner Types

  • Payroll organizations
  • PEOs
  • Human Resource consultants
  • Staffing companies
  • Software organizations
  • Independent agents
  • CPAs
  • Tax consultants
  • Risk Management companies
  • Insurance agencies
  • Sales associates

Get Started with Advance Partner Program

Print the Advance Partner Program application and mail or fax a complete copy to:

5521 Murray Avenue
Memphis, TN 38119
901.758.1597 (fax)

A dedicated Partner Program representative will contact you within the next business day.